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(Mon-Wed 5pm-12am) (Thu-Fri 5pm-2am) (Sat 12-3pm & 5pm-2am) (Sun 12-3pm & 5pm-12am)
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£10 before 10pm.
£15 thereafter.
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Guest list only
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Over 18s
300 - 500 people
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Smart dress only
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Funky, Hiphop, Commercial House, Live, Pop, R n B, Party anthems
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The Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AB
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What we think about Shaka Zulu

The Venue
This magnificent African themed venue located in the Stables Market in Camden and set over two floors which holds a restaurant, bar and club and offers food, drinks, live music, and dancing throughout the week.

Carved wooden murals cover every inch of the walls and ceiling and on the lower floor of this stunning venue is complemented by a display of 20ft high warrior statues.

As you enter the venue the first floor has two bars located at opposite ends and scattered around are large spacious booths and tables which makes this floor an excellent space to enjoy drinks and socialise with friends.

On the weekends tables can be reserved on this floor starting from £250 minimum and is ideal for groups sized 5 - 10 people.

The lower floor is the restaurant and the Kings Club which is accessible by an illuminated escalator which you can take from the first floor.

Right in the centre of the lower floor you will find a huge square bar and on either side of this impressively sized centre piece you have the South African cuisine restaurant and on the opposite side you have the Kings Club with large VIP booths and tables which you must reserve or book in advance.

Booking dinner at Shaka Zulu automatically entitles you and your guests free entry to the club, otherwise door charges for just the Kings Club applies

Party packages are available on the weekends starting from £100 and come with various cocktails and drinks, ideal for those who are celebrating a birthday or just out looking to have a good time.

Compared to other bars and clubs in Camden which offer a relaxed dress code Shaka Zulu is quite strict about theirs especially on the weekends for the club nights, so make sure you adhere to the clubs entry policies or you may be denied entry.
The Atmosphere
As you enter the Stables Market and walk past the pop up fast food stalls you come to a small door guarded by two 20ft Zulu warriors, you then descend down some escalators not knowing quite what to expect as it feels like you've just walked on to the set of Jumanji.

The extravagant themed décor adds excitement and amazement as soon as you enter, you probably won't know where to start with this venue as it is massive. Once you have gathered your bearings you'll probably find yourself at the bar ordering a drink or two you will probably be seduced into going down the illuminated escalators to the Kings Club and restaurant area.

During the week the venue operates more as a restaurant and bar but on the weekends once the clock strikes 10pm and the last food order has been served this magical venue transforms into a busy bar and nightclub with party goers coming from afar.

With 3 bars located in different spots the drinks flow fast here, it doesn't take long for people to get into the party mood.

The Kings club can get very busy and there isn't much space for dancing due to the large booths and tables that are scattered around the club.

On the weekends attracts a diverse crowd with an average of 24 all out for a good time.
The Music
During the week you can expect to hear background eclectic music and on the weekends the resident DJ's will have you dancing to Commercial chart hits, RnB, HipHop, Pop, House and Club classics.
The Food
The restaurant serves up a South African cuisine showcasing the originality and flair of South African cuisine. For the more adventurous diners who are looking for a true culinary experience of South Africa. The restaurant also offer game meats such as Kudu, Ostrich, Springbok and Zebra all from Namibia.

The food is on the pricey side averaging at £20 - £30 per person but it's not just the food you are paying for, it's the theatrical experience also.
The Drink
3 bars situated inside and each stocked with the very best quality spirits, beers, wines and champagnes. It would be hard for you to not find what you're looking for here.

A cocktail list is also available for those who are a bit more adventurous with a lists of classics and creations too, Manhattans, Caipirinhas, Mai Tais and Margaritas.

Large sharing cocktails are available, which are great tasting and fun, prices for these start from £30 and can go up to £150 for the Monkey Brothers sharing cocktail which serves up to 10 people.

Overall the drinks prices aren't as cheap as the local competition but still cheaper than central London.
The Last Word
There is a little bit of everything here at Shaka Zulu which has complimented the success and popularity of this venue, from its uniquely themed décor to its delicious food and drinks menu this is definitely worth checking out.

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