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Private venue hire

Looking for a venue to hire? Not sure where to start looking, not sure how it all works or what’s involved or even how much it may cost?

Happy Hour Deals

Happy Hour is a term used by bars and clubs in which during a set time of the day patrons can enjoy food and drink at discounted prices.

Tiki Bars in London

Aloha Tiki lovers! What is a Tiki Bar I here you ask? London has many different themed bars but now more than ever we are seeing a rise in Tiki themed bars.

DJ Bars

What is a DJ bar? A DJ bar is a bar that has a Live DJ, it’s that simple, due to the ever growing demands bars are now crossing over to club territory by

Halloween Parties In London

The build up to Halloween is always a fun time when children go trick or treating, but Halloween isn’t only just for kids, many adults enjoy Halloween too.

Student nights in London

Being a part of the student nightlife scene in London is a great new experience which you will never forget and you will always reminisce about it...

Nightclub Dress code

Dress code in London’s nightclubs. What to wear? Or what can I wear? Are trainers allowed, is it smart dress? Do I have to wear shoes? Can I wear a t-shirt?

Guest lists?

Guestlist? What does it mean by putting your name on the guest list? Does it mean you have been invited? Does it mean you get in for free?