Access All Areas Bar Crawl

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be able to walk in and out of the most popular bars and clubs in London for FREE and party like a VIP and enjoy unlimited discounted drinks? Well now you don’t have to imagine, the launch of AAA aka Access All Areas will let you do just that.

Access All Areas TicketsIt’s simple £7 ticket, 1 VIP wristband, 7 venues, discounted drinks, free entry, 1 night!!

Access all areas is a bar crawl with a difference, allowing you not only a choice of some of the best venues in London but also you get to choose when and which bar you want to go to. Unlike other bar crawl events AAA is an unsupervised crawl, so that means you don’t have to follow a tour and so are left to your own devices.

How it works??

Exchange your ticket for a wristband at the AAA counter in Ruby Blue any time between 10pm and 1am, and from there the night is yours.

Flash your Access All Areas wristband at the door and get VIP queue jump and flash it again at the bar and get discounts on your drinks.

The great thing about the AAA wristband is you can bar hop as many times as you like or stay in one venue the whole night, the choice is yours!!

You are spoilt choice, the 7 top West End venues include Verve Bar, Bar Soho, Gem Bar, Zoo Bar, Ruby Blue Bar, Strawberry Moons, and the infamous Piccadilly Institute. The venues are within walking distance from each other so making the crawl shouldn’t be hard. To make finding the venues easy, you get a free map when you pick up your AAA wristbands which will help pin point each venue as well as give you straight forward directions.

Whether you want to experience a range of Central London’s best clubs or just your favourite and stay there for the night, you can’t go wrong with an AAA ticket.

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