The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?), Ylvis

If I asked you if you have ever heard of Ylvis you'd probably say no, but buy the end of this year most of you will not only know who this Norwegian Duo you will probably be singing and dancing along to their song "What Does The Fox Say?", which has 220 million YouTube hits and is increasing real fast.

The song is already tipped to beat Gangnam Style by the Korean artist PSY.

The song first aired on British television last night on children in need and we're sure there are many who cannot get this song out of their heads.

Don't be surprised if you hear this in a bar or night club near you as this song is super catchy and a bit of fun and being released so close to the festive Christmas season it has all the ingredients of being number 1 in the charts this Christmas.

It's not unusual for songs like this to make it Into a DJ's record bag due to popular demand and public pressure most DJ's will crack and reluctantly play this to keep the crowd from hurling abuse.

What Does The Fox Say will be one of those songs like many other one hit wonders that have come and gone that we will all probably look back and grin or cringe at in the not so distant future, but for now let's just enjoy it for what it is a little bit of silly with some fun thrown in.