Where to watch the Brazil World Cup 2014 in London?

Football fever has already taken hold of millions of fans who eagerly await the start of the World Cup 2014 this June in Brazil.Watch the Brazil World Cup 2014

Thousands of fans from around the world will make the trip to Brazil to support their team and country in the largest football tournament in the world.

For those who can’t make it to Brazil, fear not the World Cup will be shown on TV, satellite and also broadcasted on radio channels all over the world and will probably dominate our media whilst it’s on.

So where will you watch the Brazil World Cup 2014 games?

Well you can invite a few friends over and watch it on the TV at home or if you want to experience the atmosphere then why not watch the football at a local bar as this is the closest you’re going to get to actually being at the football World Cup in Brazil.

Finding a bar where to watch the football world cup is easy as we have listed all the Brazil World Cup 2014 football match fixtures here.

During the tournament most bars have happy hours or promotions orientated around the world cup which will save you money, so it’s worth taking advantage of. View deals and promotions here.

Most bars in London will be showing at least the key matches and we would imagine most will be showing the England matches for sure, but it is wise to check with the venue first as there are bars and pubs who don’t show any sport, even if it is the World Cup.

The Football World Cup is the largest and most popular football tournament in the world which takes place once every 4 years and showcases the talents of teams from countries all over the world, this fantastic time to experience the football with other fans from around the world.

So whoever you’re supporting or cheering for, make sure you find the best SPOT to watch the Brazil World Cup here!