Guest lists?

What does it mean by putting your name on the guest list? Does it mean you have been invited? Does it mean you get in for free?

Guest list queueWell for novice party goers’ the term guest list can be confusing so here at GuestlistSPOT we are going to try and explain what is actually meant by the phrase guest list and what the advantages are of getting on the guest list and how you can go about getting on a guest list.

Your probably wondering why bars & clubs require a guest list and why people cannot just turn up as and when they please?

Well in most cases they can, but on other busier more popular days like the weekends and special event nights a guest list is in operation to help the bars & clubs control the numbers of guests.

The guest lists give the managers a good indication of whether the night is going to be busy or not and if they are going to need extra stock, staff or security.

As for party goers getting on the guest list for clubs has its advantages as it improves your chances of getting in without a long wait, but it’s not a guarantee.

It may also eliminate or reduce the cover charge at some clubs and not at others.

Most popular bars and clubs in London operate a no all male group policy at the door, this is a security measure as large male groups have been known to start fights in clubs. Men in mixed groups are deemed less likely to start a brawl and are more welcome.

Women have a much easier time getting on the guest list for nightclubs than men, since the women are considered the bait to get paying men into the club.

Trying to get your names on guest list 20 minutes before arriving is a big “no, no”! As most guest lists have a cut off time, so submitting your list early is highly recommended.
For some clubs, it’s a simple matter of calling early in the evening and asking to be put on the guest list. You may be referred to the club website or a specific promoter.

What’s a promoter I hear you ask? Well in short a promoter is usually a person who promotes various events and night for bars and clubs and is usually rewarded with commission for every paying customer they bring.

Some promoters provide access to their guest list, especially for new clubs, through postings on social networking sites such as Facebook or Twitter which is the most common way for promoters to get the word out to a large audience with the least amount of effort.

Having your name on a guest list does not guarantee you and your guest entry to the bar or club, there are other factors at play, i.e. dress code, time of arrival, and most importantly your behaviour and attitude.

If you tick all the right boxes then the venue will have less of a reason to not let you in.

However there are ways of improving your chances of getting in also, like reserving a table and agreeing to minimum spends on bottle service can be the best way of bypassing the lines and guest list problem.

Minimum spends on tables in some of top clubs can start of as little as £100 and go up as high as the sky.

Dressing to impress also increases your chances of getting in and even getting the cover waived if you're pimped out.

Good-looking people are considered part of the decor. If the doorman thinks you'll make the club look good or you look like you have money to spend, he has the power to pull you in front of the line and let you in free, guest list or not.

By far the easiest way of getting in the clubs and avoiding the queues is if you know someone who works there i.e. the doorman, DJ, manager or even the owner.

So before you plan your night out quickly do your homework on the venue of your choice and see what the entry requirements are and if you tick all the right boxes then you should have no problems at all.

Well that’s pretty much it on guest lists we hope you enjoyed our quick lesson and we welcome you to browse through some of our other blogs, hopefully they will be as helpful as this one.