Happy Hour Deals

24 hours in a day. 8 of those hours are usually spent working while 2 of those hours are usually spent doing house hold chores and keeping up with social obligations. Well did you know you can turn some of your hours into happy hours?!

Happy Hour DealsYes if you’re out during the week or even on the weekend, why not look out for bars and clubs that offer happy hour deals.

"Happy Hour" is a term used by bars and clubs in which during a set time of the day patrons can enjoy food and drink at discounted prices.

Happy Hour times can vary from venue to venue. The most popular times are usually 5pm onwards as this will attract office and city workers who have had a long day and would like a drink or two to relax.

Advertised Happy Hours

Advertisements are usually displayed outside, inside and all around the venue. If you can't see any adverts just ask a member of staff if they do have happy hour.

Most bars and clubs get very busy during happy hour and then get quieter once happy hour is over. Hence why some venues now have extended happy hours which means people will stay longer and drink more.

If you are planning a night out or just a quick catch up with friends in a local bar then it’s always worth doing some forward research about the venue you are going to, as it can save you from missing out on daily deals and happy hour promotions.

So if you’re looking to party big but spend small, than check out all our latest Happy Hour deals here or check out all our current daily deals here.