Nightclub Dress code

Dress code in London's nightlife

Hmmm!! What to wear? Or what can I wear? Are trainers allowed, is it smart dress? Do I have to wear shoes? Can I wear a t-shirt? These are some of the questions party goers’ ask before heading out for a night out in London.

So how do we know what’s right?

Well it’s simple; most venues have what’s called a dress code.

What is meant by dress code? A dress code is usually set by the management of a bar or club and is basically what they expect their guests to wear?

What type of dress codes are there? Well the following are the most common in London bars and clubs.

Smart Casual: so this means you can get in with wearing smart jeans and shirt and even get in with smart trainers like converse & non-sports brand trainers.

Smart and sexy: This usually means dress to impress, so pick out your best evening outfit and make yourself look and feel like million dollars.

Some venues also operate a No Hoods, No Caps, No sportswear policy, were guessing this is self explanatory.

Nightclub dress sense

For those who ignore the dress code, may face refusal to entry when trying to gain entry at the night club or bar and this is very common occurrance in most central London bars and clubs.

Depending on the individual and their style London has many places to offer for a good night out so make sure you check the dress code .