Private venue hire

Looking for a venue to hire?

Not sure where to start looking, not sure how it all works or what’s involved or even how much it may cost?? You’re not alone many people hire venues for occasions such birthday parties, corporate parties, private parties and wedding receptions and much more and get confused with all the complexities of it all.

Grace BarTrying to organise a party should be simple right? Well it can be if you know what you’re doing but if you are a little confused with industry jargon then there are professional venue finding and party planning services at hand which offer their services to you at a fee or sometimes for free.

Most party planning services do offer a free service as they make their money on commission from the venue direct, they get paid for bringing your party to their venue and in return they do pretty much all the leg work for you, which make’s organising your party a stress free process. They will negotiate the best rates for you and try and find you the perfect venue within your budget. Party planning and venue finding services usually have a big database of venues and can quite easily source a venue.

How much does it cost to hire a venue?

Most venues, when it comes to venue hire, operate in one or two ways. They can either charge you a straight out venue hire fee which then means you have nothing else to pay and you will have access and use of the whole venue from the agreed times.

Alternatively some venues may not charge a venue hire fee but will ask you to guarantee a minimum spend behind the bar.

What is meant by Minimum spend?

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It’s the minimum amount of money the venue expects your guests to spend in total by the end of the night, so for example if you had a party for 100 people and the club asked for a minimum spend of £2000 that would mean that everyone would have to spend £20 (£20 x 100 people = £2000) and that would be your minimum spend.

One piece of advise we would like to offer is when looking for a venue to hire: is to be realistic about your guestlist. If you hire a venue for 300 people and only 100 people show up, it may become harder for you to hit your minimum spend and you probably could have done the party cheaper in a smaller venue. So it’s wise to send out invites and ask your guests to RSVP prior to confirming a venue.

What happens if we don’t hit the minimum spend?

Usually venues ask you for a deposit prior to the event of usually 25% of the agreed minimum spend so for example if the minimum spend was set at £2000 the deposit amount would be £500 (25% of £2000) if you don’t manage to hit the bar spend by the end of the night then you will lose your deposit or you may have to make up the difference, depending on the agreement you have with the venue.

Can we bring our own caterers and entertainment?

Every venue has their own policy when it comes to outside caterers or people bringing in their own entertainment and DJ’s, so it’s advised to ask the venue. There are maybe extra costs involved or the minimum spend or deposit may increase.

The more products and services you use and buy from the venue direct the better as it keeps the process simple and helps reach your spend as it will all go towards that.

If you are looking for venue hire and require help sourcing the right venue for your party then try our free party planning and venue finding service here.