Tiki Bars in London

Tiki Bars

Aloha Tiki lovers! London has a variety of different themed bars scattered around but now more than ever we are seeing a rise in Tiki themed bars?

[caption id="attachment_151" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Kanaloa Bar"]Kanaloa Tiki bar[/caption]

What is a Tiki Bar I here you ask? A tiki bar is an exotic-themed drinking establishment that serves elaborate cocktails, especially rum based such as the “mai tai” or Zombie cocktail.

Tiki bars are defined by their tiki décor which is based on romanticized conception of primitive tropical cultures, most commonly Polynesian.

When entering a Tiki bar you can expect the interior and exterior to include “tiki god” masks and carvings, grasscloth, tapacloth and tropical fabrics, torches, woven fish traps, glass floats, lava stone, bamboo plants, palm trees and hula girls. Some tiki bars may even have a stage for live entertainment such as exotica-style bands or Polynesian dance floor shows.

Kanaloa Tiki Bar

Tiki themed bars

Tiki themed bars in London offer the experience of pretending that you’re not in the city but instead drinking on an island somewhere of the South Pacific. They do this well with the elaborate décor, entertainment and authentic food and drink.

Many tiki bars also encourage patrons to dress up in beach wear and tiki clothing to help add to the experience and also partake in games which you would see people doing if they were on holiday such as “Limbo” under a stick.

Tiki bars are great places to throw a themed party so if you have a birthday or you’re just looking for a great night out then check out some of our tiki bars.