DJ Bars

What is a DJ bar?

A DJ bar is a bar that has a Live DJ, it’s that simple, due to the ever growing demands bars are now crossing over to club territory by upping the tempo and having a Live DJ play music for the crowds, instead of having the conventional track listings playing in the background via a simple audio system.

DJ barsMost party goers start in a bar but as the night progresses they tend to seek somewhere a little more lively and usually head off to the nearest nightclub.

Bars have realised that if they stayed open longer and provide and create the atmosphere that the clients want, they may be able to keep them from leaving and spending their money elsewhere, and this is how the DJ Bar was born.

Most bars now operate a late licence and provide weekly events that target those who want the best of both worlds.

DJ bars provide a similar atmosphere and play pretty much the same music, they are usually open from earlier and waive the door charge and generally a lot cheaper all round when it comes to drinks.

DJ bars are the favourite choice for 25+ crowd who have outgrown the clubbing scene but still fancy a night out with friends.

This combination of free entry / cheaper drinks / relaxed entry policies and live DJ music has increased the popularity of these types of venues and has in turn prompted many bars to follow suite.

How can you tell the difference between a normal bar and a DJ bar?

The easiest way to do this is to check the description of the venue on their website or affiliate websites, many of them will have it written in the description.

DJ bars can be a great alternative to those seeking a good night out, check out our list of DJ bars in London here.