Ministry of Sound's Open Letter to Boris Johnson

Ministry of Sound’s "An Open Letter to Boris Johnson"

Ministry of SoundOn Monday 4th of November, Ministry of Sound wrote and published an open letter to Boris Johnson urging him not to shutdown the London nightclub.

If anyone missed it, here it is:


We write t you on behalf of our 200 staff and the 300,000 guests we entertain every year.

You’ve promised Ministry of Sound is ‘safe on my watch’.

Now is the time to honour your word.

We understand London needs homes but we believe it also needs us. Whatever else you’ve been told, if you approve the Eileen House scheme as it stands, Ministry of Sound will close.

But we’ve found a solution. One that allows both sides to live in harmony. One that keeps hundreds of jobs, draws thousands of young people to the capital and entertains millions around the world.

We’ve sent it to you and urge you to read it. All it takes is the stroke of your pen.

Ministry of Sound has been at the heart of London for a quarter of a century. We’ve earned our right to stay here.

Over the past decade all of London’s big clubs have closed as a result of redevelopment. We’re the last man standing. Do you want to bring the shutters down on nightclubs in London for good?

Please Boris, do the right thing for London, don’t stop the music.

Ministry of Sound"