Student nights in London

Student Nightlife

You probably have noticed more and more flyers for student nights in London recently??

Many students have received their grades and have secured a place at a University in London.

For many students university can be a life changing experience, it not only provides students with knowledge in their chosen career paths it also helps build character and most importantly make new relationships and friends.

Universities know the importance of helping students settle into their new environment, hence using the students union and student organisations universities host a freshe's fair, usually in the first two weeks of students starting university.

What's a fresher’s fair I hear you ask? Well it’s a fair that takes place and showcases all the student groups and societies you can join in order to meet new friends and try new sports and activities.

During fresher's fair, student unions and individual societies will host parties and student nights in bars and clubs in London and will try and encourage new students to attend.

This is very popular as students who want to meet other students can do so in a social environment.

Many London bars and nightclubs have student nights in place and welcome student custom and will even offer special discounts and rates on various days of the week providing you can prove you are a student.

Most bars and clubs will accept a valid student ID card or the more popular NUS student discount card.

The NUS student discount card is a must for all students as over the years you can save Money on food and drinks and travel. Check out our student deals.

Being a part of the student nightlife scene in London is a great new experience which you will never forget and you will always reminisce about it for years to come.

So if you are going to university this year then take full advantage of societies and student unions, and experience student life to the full.

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